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“Any queer body thriving and feeling joy is resistance in itself.”


Move With Pride is a video and photo series created by queer Latinx multimedia artist and performer Rebecca Hidalgo. It features over 25 queer dancers and movers of varying sexualities, ages, gender identities & expressions, racial & ethnic backgrounds and abilities. Functioning as an art/activism piece, it explores dance and movement in relation to Pride, Queerness, Resistance, and touches on the importance of queer spaces for social dance.

This experimental project stemmed from a self-portrait project on the intimacy of movement. It soon grew into an interview series shot throughout June 2017 (Pride Month), in which Hidalgo had each of the participants participate in the following process:

Dance/Move on camera to two songs that they love to move to and feel very connected to at the current moment.

Participate in an on-camera interview, in which they all answered the same questions/discussion points about their opinions on Pride, the power of dance and movement, how they feel moving in their own body, and more.

Have portraits taken of them both posed and in motion, while moving to more of their favorite music.

The process yielded varying thoughts, opinions and personal anecdotes that express the profound diversity as   well as the strong and ever-so-necessary sense of community that LGBTQ artists have fostered. 

These videos will be compiled into a documentary/music video, featuring selected snippets of each participant. In addition, each participant will have their own video released as an add-on to their photo gallery.

Be sure to check this website for frequent gallery and video updates!


Rebecca Hidalgo

Rebecca Hidalgo is a queer Latinx multimedia artist and performer based in Brooklyn, NY. She graduated from the Experimental Theatre Wing at NYU Tisch, and has performed her work in both NY and Berlin. Her body of work consists of performance both on stage and screen, choreography and dance, immersive and aerial circus, music and vocals, video art, photography, and being a professional cat lady. 

To stalk her life and work, check out her website  &  Instagram